GIS & Remote Sencing

Other than excellent GeoEDGE web services, we offer wide varieties of RS and GIS solutions. If your organization is looking for advice or services to initiate your project contact GeoEDGE. We will allocate an expert right after your first contact with us. Write us few lines of your requirement, we will initiate your idea and come-up with a proposal. If you are looking for a partner to seek funding, we are the right people in Asian region.

RS & GIS Solutions

  1. 1. Disaster
  2. 2. Environment
  3. 3. Mapping
  4. 4. Software
  5. 5. Specific solutions

1. Disaster
As part of our Disaster solutions, GeoEDGE provides services for Flood, Landslides, Drought, Forest Fire, Tsunami, Storm Surge, GLOF, etc. Our experts well capable of analysis and modeling specific disasters and multi-hazard approaches as well. As of today, there are many satellite data (free & commercial) that can be effectively used in disaster applications. Main key features of disaster solution are listed below and will be identified new components where it necessary.

  • Satellite image acquisition and analysis (both optical and microwave data)
  • Analysis of historical disaster events
  • Data collection and database (please look for mapping solution for further details)
  • Various models and analysis tools
  • Free software for analysis
  • Customization of freely available tools for your needs
  • Visualization tools
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Training programs on disaster risk reduction and awareness programs

2. Environment
Environmental solutions cover wide range applications of RS & GIS fields. Team of experts from various background undertake your requirements with high confidence of completion with their vast experiences in the region. Please see the below list for our current field of experiences and discuss your specific needs then we will propose you the best approach.

  • Land use and land cover mapping, and change analysis
  • Wetland mapping and change analysis
  • Forestry
  • Crop monitoring
  • Ocean color mapping
  • RS Fishery applications
  • Glacier monitoring

3. Mapping
We have wide range of mapping solutions to meet your needs. Most important part of Geoinformatics applications is data, it can mean different things to different people, If you need advice Mapping solution team can help and advise you from the beginning. Various techniques will be used to collect required data in specific projects. All the data collection tasks of the projects are approached by Mapping solution of GeoEDGE.

  • Detail land use mapping for town planning
  • UAV for high resolution image capturing
  • GPS survey using low to high end devices
  • Mobile applications for data collection
  • Guidance for importing non-spatial data to GIS

4. Software
GeoEDGE always promotes free/open source software for your GIS & RS needs but services based on commercial software also well handle to meet your requirements. Our Software solution expert team consists of excellent software engineers, GIS specialists and database experts to address your needs.

  • Introduce free desktop GIS software with RS tools.
  • Open source GIS software customization to match your requirement.
  • One solution to manage your GIS tasks: database, GIS & RS analysis software, map preparation,      web visualization.
  • Introduce free GIS & RS tools to use in your projects.
  • Customization of GIS tools to match your requirement
  • Very simple solutions: GIS plugins to MS-Excel to analysis your tabular data with GIS

5. Specific solutions
We have categorized below specfic solutions to meet our clients

  • Tourism and planning
  • Customized map preparation
  • Market research
  • Big data analysis
  • Mobile applications

We do offer services with commercial software as well. Discuss your requirement with us, our experts will analysis your requirement and give you a most economical solution in long-run. If you are interest on training, please go to our capacity building section.